Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's only just begun.....

Now that it has been a few months since the highly anticipated mentor/mentee pairing, I wanted to touch base with a few of the participants to see if the rose is still on the bloom or if the honeymoon is over. Over the course of a few weeks I’ll be interviewing both mentors and mentees and get their thoughts on the process so far. Since the InfoSecMentors program is in its infancy, this may help identify strengths and weaknesses to better improve the experience of everyone involved. Also for those contemplating joining, they will have a better idea of what to expect or what to do differently.

I’ve chosen for the interviewees to remain anonymous to both the general public reading this blog and those within the InfoSecMentor’s leadership so as to encourage more candid responses.

Sample Questions:

  • Prior to being matched, had you known of your mentor/mentee either personally or through social media forums?
  • Was your pairing made public on the various social media outlets?
  • Were you given any “homework” or assignments to complete and did you actually do them?
  • Do you feel the mentor you were paired up with was an accurate match?
  • Was gender a concern when envisioning who you’d be paired with?
Stay tuned as the mentors & mentees reveal their experiences with the process thus far.

If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact me securityindepth {at} gmail or @diami03

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