Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mentoring in funny accents ...

I have to be honest. When Marisa came out with the whole infosecmentors idea, I must have been her worst critic. Infosecmentors was launched with the idea of bringing mentors and mentees together during BH/DC in July and I was totally rebuffed. I loved the idea, but I felt excluded since I wouldn't make it to Vegas in 2010. How could I ever participate ? I didn't sign up and let the idea slip away.

Months passed by, 0-day got released, several Patch Tuesdays came and went and somewhere in the back of my mind a thought was lingering: "could I be a mentor or rather embrace my inner n00b and become a mentee?"

Then came September and I flew to picturesque Barcelona to speak at and attend the Source conference. How much did I know my life was about to be changed ? There must have been sangria and tapas involved but then and there I was personally introduced to Marisa. Now, I have to tell you, if you happen to run into Marisa the first thing you notice is the copious amounts of positive energy she exudes. After apologizing umpteen times about my behaviour a few months back, we kept talking about this project and the way she talked about it, the energy she puts into it got quite infectious. Somehow along the way I had a choice to make : either I was gonna be the bystander who criticizes and does nothing or I was going to get involved and give my everything to make this work.

I didn't think twice, or maybe I did but after 2 more cups of sangria it didn't really matter.

Since more and more people from Europe are putting their names down as mentors and mentees and the time difference would require Marisa to either clone herself or outsource the matching process Elbonia, As of now I will be your contact person for this part of the world. Together with Marisa, I'm totally convinced that we will all benefit from the mentor/mentee relationships we want to foster and we're more ready than ever to make this work.

For those that don't know me, I'm @wimremes on Twitter and the rest can be found using Maltego. Now let me get back to finding you the right mentor/mentee and enable you to get as much out of that relationship as possible.


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